Shaun White Back on Top: 2015 Dew Tour Breckenridge

Does Shaun Still have it? Yes, this freak still does. He’s back and he claiming Gold.


Shaun White still has the Method with most amplitude in the pipe

PHOTOS & WORDS: Ned Cremin

Over a pipe that saw over 10 inches of fresh powder throughout the weekend, Shaun White made a loud comeback silencing critics like he never left. Shaun, who went into his standard huge first-hit backside air on Run 1, then landed a frontside double cork 1080, cab double cork 1080, frontside air, double McTwist 1260 and frontside 540 stalefish. His score of 92.60 vaulted him into first place, far ahead of the rest of the field, after the first set of runs.

Olympic gold medalist Iouri Podladtchikov had attempted a double McTwist 1260 of his own on Run 1 but landed low, squatted and lost speed, leaving it all up to his second run to crack the podium. I-Pod fully intended the try the double McTwist 1260 again on Run 2, but the course had gotten much slower by that time, forcing him to alter his plan in the middle of his run.

Ayumu Hirano is another rider with the amplitude and the bag of tricks to challenge Shaun but, like I-Pod, a mistake on his first run left his second run as an all-or-nothing attempt. Just like in the semifinal, Ayumu started off his runs with a lofty super-stylish crippler with a Japan grab. His second run also included a backside 900, frontside double cork 1080, cab double cork 1080 and frontside 1080. The 17-year-old was rewarded with a score of 89.40 that put him into second place, bumping I-Pod down to 3rd.

christian haller-1

Christian Haller’s Method continues to be the most tweaked Method in the Pipe


Ayumu Hirano

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Mark Mcmorris on his Gold Winning Run

Mark Mcmorris had tight competition going into Slopestyle finals. Among the riders to successfully land the triple cork, the cleanest ones were done by Staale Sanbech (grabbing indy) and Mark McMorris (grabbing mute). Stale’s first run featured a cab 270 hardway, frontside 450 on, switch backside double cork 1080, cab double cork 1260, frontside boardslide to 270 out, frontside 1080 and then the triple. That run earned him a 90.0 and put him into the lead until Mark dropped in for his run. Mark’s run went like this: backside 270 to 270 out, cab 270 hardway, cab double underflip 900, frontside double cork 1080 tailgrab, frontside boardslide to 450 out, switch backside 1260, backside triple cork 1440. With that run, Mark posted a giant score of 94.4 and took over the lead from Staale after the first set of runs.

redmong gerard-insta

Red Gerard making a statement

Staale was unable to improve on his second run after a miscue on the landing of his switch backside double cork 1080 forced him to revert, while Max Parrot – who was sitting in 4th after his first run – over-rotated on a switch backside double cork 1260 and would have to keep his first-run score as well. By the time the lineup made its way back to Mark, he had clinched the slopestyle victory and was able to enjoy a victory lap. Meanwhile, Staale’s first-run score held up to garner him 2nd place.

The podium was rounded out by Darcy Sharpe, who had just won snowboard streetstyle two nights before in Downtown Breckenridge. A creative rider, Darcy was one of only two riders (Mons Roisland being the other) spinning a fronside 1080 off the toes during their run.



Stale Sanbech Silver place run

Silverthorne, Colorado’s Red Gerard provided a few highlights of his own. The diminutive shredder put down a great second run, capping it off with a bit of a surprise when he turned his last jump into a frontside 1260 tailgrab. The 15-year-old had by far the best run out of everyone’s second runs, and his 80.40 landed him in 5th place overall.



Stale “Styles for Miles” Sanbech

First – Mark McMorris, 94.40
Second –  Stale Sandbech, 90.00
Third – Darcy Sharpe, 87.00
Fourth – Max Parrot, 82.00
Sixth – Mons Roisland, 74.20
Seventh – Chas Guldemond, 45.20
Eighth – Tyler Nicholson, 44.80
Ninth – Mikey Ciccarelli, 36.00
Tenth – Yuki Kadono, 30.00
Eleventh – Sven Thorgren, 28.60
Twelfth – Kyle Mack, 20.80